Season Transition Bonfire Event

Sat, 11/02/2013 - 5:30pm

In Native American culture the fire ceremony symbolizes a transformation from the old to the new. With her time as Artist in Residence coming to an end, Jodi Colella is excited to be able to celebrate the completion of her year at Fruitlands Museum by creating a sculpture to burn. The installation will be a large wood and fiber "yarn ball" that we will set ablaze as the sun sets in the Nashua River Valley.

Participants will have the opportunity to offer up their own messages, letting go of the old or welcoming the new with inscriptions on paper and twigs tucked into the sculpture. ‘Drummers de Lookie Lookie’, a latin percussion group, will usher in the night when we light the sculpture to send our messages towards the heavens.

And while you’re out here… make time to attend the Craft Beer Tasting event at 4 pm.

Drummers de Lookie Lookie

Rick Barry, Ken Winokur and Vicente Lebron collectively bring well over a century of drumming experience in every style, from Afro-Caribbean and rock to ska to film soundtrack  music.  They have been key members of bands including the Alloy Orchestra, Bim Skala Bim and the Either/Orchestra, and together now power Lookie Lookie, a band reviving Latin Bugalu, a crossover style from the Groovy 1960s.

Last year's burning owl was a great event!