Current Exhibitions

Fruitlands Museum is committed to sharing the unique perspectives of artists, both historical and contemporary. The frequently changing exhibitions offer a wide variety of selections from Fruitlands' collections, other museum and private collections, and contemporary artists from the New England region.

The museum’s newest acquisition, the Elaine Ehrenkranz Basket Collection, will feature 80+ antique baskets from Native people around the world including North, Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Ehrenkranz had a lifelong interest in baskets, and she actively collected them from Native people living in all parts of the world. Most of all, she loved the process of learning about the art she collected and sharing that information with students, collectors and anyone interested in her collections.  Check the Museum calendar for many programs and activities relating to baskets throughout the Main Season.
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Artist-in-Residence Richard Kattman presents Transcendental Abstractions—an exhibit of abstract paintings created during his residency at Fruitlands.

Some of Richard's works are inspired by natural elements—sea, wind, sand, grass, sky, flowers, fields, woods, gardens and night stars. Some canvases are his views of the earth as it appears from space. Some are drawn from infinite places located within his subconscious. Others are explorations he takes at the speed of light to places he imagines in deep outer space. These artworks portray the fragility of life and the known universe.

Join us on June 14 from 2-4PM for the opening of Richard's exhibit of abstract paintings. Drop by the museum during the season to see Richard painting on the grounds. And on Centennial Saturday, June 21, add your own brush stroke to a community canvas with Richard.