Staff List

Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Executive Director, Ext 237
Nancy Galluzzo, HR & Finance Manager, Ext 228
Martin Gredinger, CFO, Ext 225
Melissa Kershaw, Director of Education & Public Programming, Ext 291
Mike Rouleau, Manager of Buildings & Grounds
Mary Delaney, Marketing Manager, Ext 292
Richard Gioiosa, Marketing Associate, Ext 292
Michael Volmar, Chief Curator, Ext 286
Suzanne Smith, Director of Development, Ext 289
Holly Mansfield, Development Coordinator, Ext 288
Harriet Friedrich, Store Manager, Ext 235

Email address formula: first name initial + last name (at)
Main phone number: 978.456.3924

Board of Trustees


Marie LeBlanc, President

Ken Cochrane, Vice President

Kerry Lewis, Secretary 

Ellen Hazen, Treasurer


Eileen deCastro

Todd K. Helwig

John Laupheimer

John Ott

Heidi Hunter Siegrist

Peter Von Loesecke


Reed Anthony

Francis Coolidge

Pamela Smith

Members of the Corporation:

Bob Anderson

LaGina Austin

Jennifer Combs               

Marge Darby

Richard B. Fellows

Linda Hoffman 

Katherine Jasmine

Jonathan Keep

Ray Lyons

John O’Keefe

Victor Normand

C. Ronald Ostberg

Steve Payne

Jeffrey Schwarz 

Ellen Schön

Karen Strickland

Terry Symula

Ara Tyler